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Flexible measurement platforms for research



When you are developing new coatings and substrates – you need the nkd to provide you with the most spectrocopic information available from a thin film analysis system.

When you have more than one type of thin film measurement to make, multiple applications and analysis of complex structures, new and absorbing films, then you need the nkd - specifically designed for the most demanding applications. It provides:


– Space for larger samples –

– Variable angle measurements –

– Flexibility of measurement type –

Measure T & R simultaneously.

Determine layer thickness for single and multilayers with ease.

Determine optical properties and absorption for all types of materials - transparent, absorbing, dielectric, polymers, semiconductors, organic semiconductors and polymers etc.

Take advantage of advanced features such as a the heated stage, sample mapping and small spot sizes.


The extensive application capabilities of the nkd include :


• Transparent substrates
• Thick and thin layers
• High and low index (n) layers
• Plastics & polymers
• Optical coatings
• Display technology
• Organic and Inorganic semiconductors
• Metal films
• Dielectric films
• DBR structures

Papers & application notes for the nkd.


See Aquila Optical Metrology for QC & production type applications of the nkd.

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