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Application notes



nkd research and development applications

The Aquila nkd is ideally suited to the wide range of thin film analysis applications found in acasdamia and industrail research and development. The secret of the nkd's success is that ability to combine flexibility of measurement with accuracy and ease of use.

A small selection of application notes are presented here for your interest. If you would like to discuss a particular thin film measurement application, please feel free to contact us.

The flexibility of the nkd makes it suitable for measuring the photometric performance, film thickness, refractive indices, absorption and uniformity of amongst others:

  • Solar panels & Dielectric layers • Flat panel displays • OLEDs •Polymers • Surface Coatings & Treatments • Polarising and dichroic coatings • Semiconductors • Telecoms components • Bragg gratings• Electrodes & Sensors • CD & DVD optical systems • Solar control glass • Decorative materials • Birefringement materials • organic cemiconductors•





pdfOrganic light emitting diodes(OLEDs)

pdfAnalysis of DBR (Bragg grating structures)

pdfMultilayer coatings

pdfBirefringent materials

pdfSolar control coatings

pdfThin gold & ITO layers


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